Monday, December 6, 2010


I've been due for a new post for a long time now! School and the band have kept me pretty busy these past few months and to be honest, I haven't really had too much time to make anything.

Well that's sort of true. I found excuses here and there to make small things and here are some pictures!

On Thanksgiving I decided it would be nice to make some sort of table piece out of branches from our tree. We actually didn't have too much room on the table, so I opted to hang it from the ceiling.

I spray painted the branch white, wound some green ribbon around the branches, and stuck some feathers in there. I searched through my junk collection and also found these little plastic figs and some letter cutouts.
It was super last minute, but really fun! My uncle took these nice photos.

A couple nights ago, Justine and I were wrapping some presents and were wishing for some little cards to go with them. We ended up making these little gingerbread man cards with some cardstock, felt, riffraff, and sequins.

They took a while to make, but once we got a system going, we were able to make about 24 of them! We also added magnets on the back.

Oh by the way, it's Christmas! Hope everyone is having a wonderful, laid back day.
I walked into the living room this morning and when I saw this my jaw dropped and my eyes started tearing up. So unexpected!
I have always wanted an antique vanity. But I just figured it's something I would have to wait for later on in life and plus, I didn't really have the room for it in my room.

I guess my mom was frantically looking for a present for me yesterday and found this! Haha. I LOVE it. I had to rearrange some things in my room, but it fits!

Now I'm going to need to make lots of other changes in my room to accommodate it, but of course I'm okay with that. These past couple months I've had to let go of all my other ideas and projects, but the vanity has sparked a new enthusiasm for my room, and I'm going to start working on it again! So much to do! But I'm so excited.

I used to have this vision of a complete room, but I've realized that I can never really complete it. And why would I want to? I feel that my bedroom reflects who I am, and as I've changed over the years, my room has gone through several transformations. These past couple months weren't the easiest for me, and as long as I wasn't going anywhere my room wasn't either. I do feel a change in my life right now, and I know it'll show through the environment that I'm ready to start creating again. I have so much cleaning out and reorganizing to do, but a new year is the perfect time for that! I'm ready for a fresh start and I'll be sure to keep you updated along the way!

Merry Christmas & Happy New Year.
And since this is the last day I can push this, go download our Christmas singles that we wrote with Naive Thieves!! (click the photo)