Sunday, July 18, 2010

mini recycled notebooks

I had a big stack of expired sale flyers from the store so I decided to make some little notebooks out of them. They're about 4 x 3" big.

Covers are made from different things.
Here, an Urban Outfitters bag with a fabric scrap under the bag handle and the cover of an old notebook:
An envelope and a page from a children's book:

Sheet music, Urban Outfitters bag, and a doilie:

Some are closed with a ribbon or string that winds around the button and others have a little leather strip.
Page from an old phonebook and an old postcard:

More shopping bags, and a piece of an encyclopedia page:

Encyclopedia page, shopping bag & handle, page from a book, old stamps:

Page from an old school workbook and shopping bag:

I'm going to give a bunch away and sell some for $1 at the wickerbasket pop-up shop at the end of this month, along with some clothes and other crafts!

Tuesday, July 13, 2010

love songs for when you leave me

We played a show with So Many Wizards and couple weeks ago and I had never heard them before. I really enjoyed their set and even more, their CD, "Love Songs for When You Leave Me."

Nima, the lead singer handcrafted these!

All hand-painted and stamped

And hand-carved! Do you know how long this takes to do?! I've done this to a book before and it is not easy!
There's even artwork under the CD.

I love everything about it! Love the music on the CD itself. I listened to it nonstop when I first got it. You should visit their myspace and listen to their stuff. I love the song "Good Talk" and oh my gosh..."Night Terrors"- every time I hear that song I can't help my head from shaking back and forth.

So speaking of music I have been writing a lot of it lately and realized that I haven't been posting any on here.
These are some rough recordings of songs that are still in the works, but you can get the idea..

This one is pretty new and we're currently working it into our set..(I just used my built-in computer mic so the sound isn't that great)
Sunrough by citybirdd

This is a pretty old one, but I still plan on introducing it to the band..
Starsaligned by citybirdd

I have been making a lot of things lately, but currently have no camera to take pictures, so that'll be coming soon!

Thursday, July 8, 2010

ensenada, mexico

Finally, here are the pictures from Mexico!
I shot about 5 rolls, so these are the best of them.
They're all a little mixed up, but they were taken over the course of hanging out at the beach house, going to the tourist trap, going out to eat, exploring along the beach, and wine tasting.
Such a nice trip!

The ones with me in them, were obviously taken by someone else..

self-timer for this one..
This one below is one of my favorites.

Huge trampoline outside of this restaurant we ate at!

Our trailer in Ensenada:

Hope you enjoyed them!