Wednesday, August 26, 2009

ribbon hanger

So I finally went out and bought ribbon today to work on this little project I've been wanting to make.
I wanted to hang these cute giant postcard-like photo scenes I bought at a thrift store a while ago. My inspiration was they way the hung these pictures in an ice cream parlor at Dinseyland!
I found lots of inspiration at Disneyland and took some photos:

I started off with some blue ribbon, which I folded and sewed.

I wasn't sure how I was going to hang it, but I decided on some cardboard and a little wire to glue onto the back of the ribbon.

I used my handy little glue gun to just glue the pictures on and voila!

The scenes are from Jackson Hole, Wyoming, which is cool because I have family that lives there.

Saturday, August 22, 2009


the recent abundance of posts has to due with me being home all week!
that also means i have more time to do stuff with my room.
my dad helped me hang my guitar hook:

i hung this awesomely bad horse painting i got at the swap meet a while ago

the space underneath the horse was empty, so i hung this old buddy holly record.
when i first saw it, i fell in love with it. it has pen scribbles all over it--probably from a child who is now older. there's also lots of marker scribbles on the back haha.
i love when something has a mark from its past on it. also, something about buddy's look--he's not wearing his glasses and looks a little solemn. that, mixed with the scribbles made me love it immediately and i knew i wanted on display somewhere in my room.

Wednesday, August 19, 2009


i want a pair of soccer boots!

i saw a cute pair by dollhouse somewhere and this amazing pair is by marc jacobs.
guess ill have to wait until target copies them!

a couple new things in my room

i got this cute little hanging owl in mexico.
i just happened to have a hook in the ceiling right by my new owl wall, where i used to hang a lantern, so that worked out well.

i couple new things:
my parents got a new bed, which means justine got their old bed, and i got her futon! i finally have a couch in my room and not only does it fill the space so nicely, but people now have a place to sit. the yellow flowery cover is actually a blanket that works really well as a cover; it goes really well with my owl wall, but i'm not sure if i will end up keeping it; it might be a little much.
justine also decided to get rid of this old suitcase my parents got at a yard sale quite a while ago. it's filled with snow globes that someone collected from places like new york, hawaii, boston, and san francisco. i don't have any where in my room to display the snow globes, so maybe i can make some kind of display for deelux using them?
anyway, the suitcase stacked on top of another suitcase i had bought from the swap meet (and was about to get rid of) make a nice little coffee table and extra storage. maybe ill even add some casters or table legs on the bottom suitcase eventually.

i got my wisdom teeth taken out on monday. my friends, hanie and marcio, brought me these flowers and this card! (and also some soup!) so sweet.

i can't wait to hang up my guitar hook, so ill have a place for one of those guitars and it will double as wall decor.

i also wanted to share my favorite necklaces with you.
this lady named summer makes beautiful jewelry and sells it at deelux.
these two are made from hands of old clocks and i absolutely love them! she makes them in lots of different sizes and shapes. some are even painted cool colors, like bright turquoise and she also makes earrings out of them.
she has lots of other cool jewelry too. you can check out more at
although she doesn't have any pictures of the clock-hands jewelry. theres lots more available at deelux, so get them while you can!
i keep wanting to buy more of them :)

Tuesday, August 18, 2009


i'd like to share some talented bands that i've been listening to.
if you haven't heard them, check them out!

first, is Avi Buffalo. i read about them in L.A. Record.
these kids are in highschool and they're fantastic.

here is one of my favorite songs by them, "summer cum"
i get this song stuck in my head a lot and i just love the melody.

if you like what you hear, you can check out some of their other songs on
they'll be playing at the f.y.fest (formerly known as the fuck yeah fest) in l.a. on sept. 5th along with a ton of other great bands.

more info here:

the other night, we played at rob's vintique and i met a nice lady named virginia who really liked our music. she introduced me to her other "favorite sister band," First Aid Kit, from sweden.
these girls are also young (19 and 16?) and are super talented.
here is one of their songs, as well as a fantastic fleet foxes cover that virginia sent me.

check out more at

lonny recently sent this video, thinking i would like it.
well i did.
this is Real Estate, from New Jersey.

more music on
real estate's myspace:

while i'm posting some good music, i must include The Growlers--one of my favorite O.C. bands from Costa Mesa.
i love this creepy music video.
they recently got invited to play with devendra banhart! Aug 26 @ Soho in Long Beach & Aug 27 @ the House of Blues in Anaheim. how exciting! i hope i can make it to one of those shows.

hope you enjoy these bands!

Monday, August 17, 2009

R.I.P. Les Paul

les paul just recently passed away.

not only was he a great guitarist, but he invented the first solid-body electric guitar, which became the les paul gibson model. in fact, i had thought that les paul was just the name of the guitar, before i found out who he was. haha. and i play a gibson.

he was also known for other innovations; he created some guitar effects like delay, he was one of the first (i believe) to use overdubbing in recording, im pretty sure he created the first loop pedal (which i rely on heavily for writing music!), and he contributed to the inventions of some of the first multi-track recorders.

one day, i was listening to panda bear and he used some sound he had recorded-possibly railroad tracks or something-as the beat of the song. my dad informed me that les paul one of the first to use some kind of noise like that in popular music. and that was a long time ago!!

he recorded many hit songs with his cute wife, mary ford (who also played guitar), in which he would overdub himself playing all the guitar parts and overdub her voice to sing in harmony with herself. i was instantly attracted to her two-part harmonies the first time i heard my dad play that record, as i do a lot of that kind of stuff in my music.
he has a pretty distinct sound where some of his songs sound like the records playing too fast--almost cartoon-y. he liked to record some parts half as slow, so when played back, they would sound this way.
he died in his 90s and only quit playing live shows a couple years before that.

take a listen to one of their hits, posted here, if you have time!
it's a good one.


i also watched the breakfast club today, in honor of john hughes' recent death.
although i have to say, it's not my favorite of his movies.

Monday, August 10, 2009

balloons & ribbon

these were taken the other day by my friend, marcio rivera.
i just have to say that i love balloons. they never get old.
whenever i'm wandering around with a friend i love to go to alan party supply and steal the slightly-deflated balloons that are always tied out in front. there's always a different color scheme and i really dig the one they had this time.

shirt is from h&m, AA skirt, suspenders either from deelux or rob's vintique (can't remember), shoes are from payless, and the socks are old ones i've had forever.

Also, here is something i recently made:

it was inspired by a type of ribbon "font" that my friend, lonny and i would use for flyers, etc.
lately i've been into really girly pink things for my room, so this seemed fitting.
i bent some wire into the words "love all you can" and simply glued the ribbon on there with a hot glue gun. it's about 7 ft. long.
i kind of wish that i'd used a thinner wire because it shows through quite a bit. it's also pretty visible, if not viewed from the right angle. nonetheless, i think it gets the idea across and looks pretty cute.

soon i will hang all my frames underneath it. i'm still trying to figure out which ones to use and how to arrange them. 

 lonny helped me hang it

Sunday, August 9, 2009

pretty rooms

i love this dresser:

this makes me want to uncover the old wooden floors in my room.
i currently have rugs. our floors get dusty though, which is pretty gross on bare feet.


all from

so cute.

Wednesday, August 5, 2009

room update

ok so i've been slacking on updating, but here are some of the projects i've been working on in my room!

i covered these cardboard magazine holders from IKEA with some nice fabric using a glue gun. my mom's helping me make a seat cover for my office chair with matching fabric.

all furniture from IKEA. im saving the area above my desk for a collage of some framed pictures. still working on getting that in order.

i recently went to an estate sale and found these cute little old stuffed animals.
i think my friends find them kind of creepyy

these will all be part of the picture collage:

an actual collage within a frame. i found this cool frame with different layers of glass and no backing. the photos look nice in different layers.

i love this cute/creepy ballet photo i also found at that estate sale

the whole thing:
it's hard to see but there's a horse prize ribbon from 1964! i love it.
im thinking of taking out the valentine or changing it a bit. it's going to be hanging by some pretty solid looking pictures so i think it needs to be simplified a little.

my owl wall!
thanks to my dad for helping me figure out the arrangement of these; it has a nice flow.
thanks to my mom for finding most of the owl figures for me.
thanks to goodwill for having awesome pictures sometimes

and dream catcher.
the light fixture is from IKEA..of course. i added the feathers and got the actual dream catcher from the swapmeet.
i took some in the day time and at night because they kind of have a different feel. i think it looks prettier in person though.
in the daytime the fixture looks kind of spiky and ugly but the feathers add a soft touch and draw your eyes away from the spikyness.
notice how tubby is ALWAYS on my bed. haha. <3