Wednesday, August 26, 2009

ribbon hanger

So I finally went out and bought ribbon today to work on this little project I've been wanting to make.
I wanted to hang these cute giant postcard-like photo scenes I bought at a thrift store a while ago. My inspiration was they way the hung these pictures in an ice cream parlor at Dinseyland!
I found lots of inspiration at Disneyland and took some photos:

I started off with some blue ribbon, which I folded and sewed.

I wasn't sure how I was going to hang it, but I decided on some cardboard and a little wire to glue onto the back of the ribbon.

I used my handy little glue gun to just glue the pictures on and voila!

The scenes are from Jackson Hole, Wyoming, which is cool because I have family that lives there.


Ivan Aguirre said...

cool, you and your handy little glue gun.

halighalighanie said...

love this! blogsluts! <3333

golden brown said...

thanks ivan and blogslut hehe <3