Wednesday, August 19, 2009

a couple new things in my room

i got this cute little hanging owl in mexico.
i just happened to have a hook in the ceiling right by my new owl wall, where i used to hang a lantern, so that worked out well.

i couple new things:
my parents got a new bed, which means justine got their old bed, and i got her futon! i finally have a couch in my room and not only does it fill the space so nicely, but people now have a place to sit. the yellow flowery cover is actually a blanket that works really well as a cover; it goes really well with my owl wall, but i'm not sure if i will end up keeping it; it might be a little much.
justine also decided to get rid of this old suitcase my parents got at a yard sale quite a while ago. it's filled with snow globes that someone collected from places like new york, hawaii, boston, and san francisco. i don't have any where in my room to display the snow globes, so maybe i can make some kind of display for deelux using them?
anyway, the suitcase stacked on top of another suitcase i had bought from the swap meet (and was about to get rid of) make a nice little coffee table and extra storage. maybe ill even add some casters or table legs on the bottom suitcase eventually.

i got my wisdom teeth taken out on monday. my friends, hanie and marcio, brought me these flowers and this card! (and also some soup!) so sweet.

i can't wait to hang up my guitar hook, so ill have a place for one of those guitars and it will double as wall decor.

i also wanted to share my favorite necklaces with you.
this lady named summer makes beautiful jewelry and sells it at deelux.
these two are made from hands of old clocks and i absolutely love them! she makes them in lots of different sizes and shapes. some are even painted cool colors, like bright turquoise and she also makes earrings out of them.
she has lots of other cool jewelry too. you can check out more at
although she doesn't have any pictures of the clock-hands jewelry. theres lots more available at deelux, so get them while you can!
i keep wanting to buy more of them :)

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