Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Chloƫ Sevigny for O.C.

Monday, July 6, 2009

i ended up ordering the sandals! i hope they fit! i'm pretty excited.
i came across this girl's etsy account; she makes beautiful fringe necklaces! what a good idea! 
i wish i could afford one. she also makes some pretty amazing clothes. her etsy name is "norwegian wood."
i really should get offline before i buy something else. plus in only have 2 hours before i have to leave for work and i want to play a little music and start making a skirt.

i love this song so much right now.
i want it to be a part of me. i want to eat it.
haha. instead, i started working up an acoustic version of it for summer twins maybe?

Sunday, July 5, 2009

i want these!

both from modcloth. the shorts are cute, but way too much. the shoes are actually affordable-$35. but to me, that's still kind of a lot for shoes. 
they're so cute though! they're like a daintier version of gladiator sandals...and i do need sandals. idk, i've never purchased shoes online! kind of iffy because i don't know if they'll be comfortable or not. hmm....

Saturday, July 4, 2009

cheap chic

here are my harem shorts! basically, i got a pair of oversized high-waisted granny shorts from goodwill. they were already at the right length, so my mom helped me open up the hem a bit, slip some elastic inside (the elastic just happened to fit perfectly in the hem!), and sew them back up. they're super poofy! i got another pair of high waisted granny-type sweatpants, so i might try again.

the top is from buffalo exchange, the tube top is from dee-lux, and the shoes are from goodwill. 
so this outfit was really cheap! the good thing is, it doesn't look cheap.
my friend marcio took the pictures for me.
yesterday, we also worked on shooting for our music video!
here's a sneak peek:

happy 4th of july! we're playing a festival out in the desert, and i have no idea what to wear. i love dressing up for shows, but i also need to be comfortable; the festival goes all night. we'll see...

Friday, July 3, 2009

margo guryan

"Margo Guryan (born in Far Rockaway, New York City) is a singer/songwriter who blends elements of pop, folk, and jazz. She is best known for her 1968 album Take A Picture. Her songs have been recorded by Mama Cass, Glen Campbell, and Astrud Gilberto, among others"

I recently discovered Margo Guryan and got a hold of her album, "Take a Picture." I really like it. She has a soft, delicate voice that kind of reminds me of Francoise Hardy. The songs are fun and poppy.

I've also been hooked on the new animal collective and grizzly bear albums! SO GOOD.

summer chic

i got this top at the buffalo exchange in san francisco for $8.
this is normally not the kind of top i would go for, but it caught my eye and reminded a lot of the kinds of pieces they mix and match in the japanese magazines i like.
i really love it though! there are so many ways you can wear it, and its nice and light for the summer.
i also got these shoes at a vintage store in sf earlier this week; love the colors.
the skirt is from target, the bag is from goodwill, and the belt is justine's.

ps. tomorrow you will see my version of this:

harem shorts.

when i was in europe in the fall, harem pants were really popular, so i knew they would come around in the u.s., which they did this spring. like i said, it's always hard to follow trends when you have to depend on forever 21 or h&m to duplicate them and especially with this kind of shape, one kind will not fit on just anyone.
i transformed an old plus-size piece of clothing into my own harem shorts for summer. pictures coming soon!