Saturday, July 4, 2009

cheap chic

here are my harem shorts! basically, i got a pair of oversized high-waisted granny shorts from goodwill. they were already at the right length, so my mom helped me open up the hem a bit, slip some elastic inside (the elastic just happened to fit perfectly in the hem!), and sew them back up. they're super poofy! i got another pair of high waisted granny-type sweatpants, so i might try again.

the top is from buffalo exchange, the tube top is from dee-lux, and the shoes are from goodwill. 
so this outfit was really cheap! the good thing is, it doesn't look cheap.
my friend marcio took the pictures for me.
yesterday, we also worked on shooting for our music video!
here's a sneak peek:

happy 4th of july! we're playing a festival out in the desert, and i have no idea what to wear. i love dressing up for shows, but i also need to be comfortable; the festival goes all night. we'll see...

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kelley said...

those shorts are really cute on you! way to go modifying them yourself too.