Friday, July 3, 2009

summer chic

i got this top at the buffalo exchange in san francisco for $8.
this is normally not the kind of top i would go for, but it caught my eye and reminded a lot of the kinds of pieces they mix and match in the japanese magazines i like.
i really love it though! there are so many ways you can wear it, and its nice and light for the summer.
i also got these shoes at a vintage store in sf earlier this week; love the colors.
the skirt is from target, the bag is from goodwill, and the belt is justine's.

ps. tomorrow you will see my version of this:

harem shorts.

when i was in europe in the fall, harem pants were really popular, so i knew they would come around in the u.s., which they did this spring. like i said, it's always hard to follow trends when you have to depend on forever 21 or h&m to duplicate them and especially with this kind of shape, one kind will not fit on just anyone.
i transformed an old plus-size piece of clothing into my own harem shorts for summer. pictures coming soon!

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