Tuesday, June 30, 2009

SF sorrow

i've been in san francisco and it's so nice here! i really love it and kind of want to move here. it doesn't help that all my good friends live here. i feel very inspired by all the beautiful architecture and now dream of a cute little apartment with a bay window.
i got a hold of my mom's old 35mm film camera and googled the basics.
i started taking pictures from our camping trip in big sur all the way up until yesterday-being very careful about each picture. i don't really know what i'm doing, but it's fun to try and i was really excited to see how the pictures would come out UNTIL...

the roll was done so i went to take it out today. it turns out that it was in there wrong the WHOLE time and not only did i expose and waste the entire roll, but i don't think it even took any of the photos i thought i was taking. it was seriously SO disappointing. i put a new roll in today, but i feel unmotivated now, and paranoid that the same thing will happen. ughh.
i feel like some of those photos would've turned out really cool.

anyway, we've done a TON of walking here; i'm soo tired. and a TON of shopping! i'm really excited about the things i got. i found this amazing coat for ONE DOLLAR! i thought it was $20, which i thought was way too much, but decided to get it anyway because it was so perfect. turns out it was a dollar. i got two pairs of vintage shoes, a denim vest, a grey cotton vest, a couple tops, and a cute betsey johnson nautical bracelet. oh! a this really cute vintage coat with a fur collar that adi found. i might be leaving out a few things, but we found some great deals this weekend. san francisco has the best shopping! i want to take some pictures of the new things i got.

i also have a couple altering projects to work on when i get home, so i'm excited about that. not so excited about the astronomy homework i have to catch up on.

i came across this girl's blog-i think she's a french model-and she's soo cute. after looking at her blog, i realized that i just saw her in a magazine recently-i think it was teen vogue maybe. anyway, she has great style and kind of reminds me of justine.

you can view her blog here:

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