Saturday, June 20, 2009

my dad woke me up with morning from the coolest dream!

well first i'd like to say that i had a series of REALLY weird and not-so-nice dreams including getting sick on a carnival ride, finding a cave-like bathroom with puke and puking people everywhere, going to an awkward prom that turned into an underwater show in which i had to swim to the top of this huge pool, and probably some other weird things.

okay so the good part...
i was driving in the van with parents and the surroundings were kind of forest-y and sooo magical! suddenly, we drive by a HUGE flower. i yell "stop the car!" I jump out and i have a camera around my neck. suddenly there are more giant, fluffy, bloomy, colorful flowers and a perfect background of trees and a colorful sunset. im taking these amazing pictures of them and its soo beautiful. i duck under the giant flowers and find a whole little magical world. only it's as if im a child and i know this is a fantasy world and no one else will see it....because then (and this sounds sooo funny) these big round creatures form a circle around me and we start singing songs. i try to film them on my camera but only film their mouths singing and not their whole bodies, as not to offend them.
pretty weird. but the flowers part was soooo pretty.
i think it may have been inspired by this photo:

taken by alicia bock from her blog,

mmmm so pretty.
anyway i know i always abandon this blog for weeks at a time, but i do think about it.
i have been trying to track my style still, as it has been changing a lot.
i have a ton of little projects i want to sew and make. since i've been so inspired by flowers and this whole floral craze lately, i want to make a wearable corsage out of pretty fabric, fake flowers and maybe some ribbon/buttons/charms/whatever else. i think it would be a fun project.

we'll see when i can get around to it..
by the way in my prom dream--this just reminded me--i was alone without a date!
all the other girls had corsages and i didn't! maybe i subconsciously want to make up for my lack of a prom experience.

i have also really been inspired by japanese fashion lately. justine and a like to pick up this japanese magazine, cutie. they have the cutest and most creatively-put-together outfits. i love it! it's very inspiring.
i also love how fun their style is. lately, i've been trying to gear more towards more sophisticated-looking pieces, rather than things that make me looks 12. however, i can't help it! i just love bright, fun, colorful clothing and i think thats why i love this magazine so much!

by the way, i just found this amazing HUGE PINK POOFY skirt at deelux and it's so ridiculously cute. im in love with it. maybe ill post some pictures of it soon.

CUTiE Magazine is a Japanese fashion magazine marketed toward “independent girls”.
The style of CUTiE magazine can best be described as eclectic and very similar to the method in which FRUiTS is presented. There are very little text included with the images with the exception of the interviews or manga sections. Images are full page graphics with small captions and can include everything from decorated rooms, craft ideas, clothing, toys, comic art, and a wide array of other fashion and cultural trends from Japan. The magazine’s goal is to appeal to as many styles and tastes as possible integrating a wide array of imagery and features – and trying most of all not to focus intently on current trends.

(from ebook)

i just got a macbok, so i think i'll be posting more. i also got a printer with a scanner, so once i get that hooked up, i'd like to scan some of my favorites out of cutie.

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Sally said...

That corsage is amazing. It looks so real! Can you tell me how you did it?