Wednesday, May 27, 2009

soo i haven't posted in forever!
sometimes i just don't like sitting at the computer.
it'll be nicer once i have my own in my room.

anyway i wanted to kind of use this blog to keep track of my style,
if that's possible. because i feel like it's constantly changing and i always go through different phases, which i wish i would've documented somewhere.
in italy i wore a lot of simple, neutral pieces. you don't want to stand out as an american there and justine and i seemed to fit right in. people would come up and ask us questions in italian and we would only be able to respond with "non parlo."

once i got back, i started working at my parents' vintage store and went crazy. my style changed very quickly to adapt to all the 80s, floral, and bright colors that were in. it's so fun to work there, because it allows me to change things up all the time and to experiment with different things.

this spring i was very into pastels, shirts with bright prints, bow ties in my hair, floral prints, hawain prints, frilly little-girl socks, poofy skirts. basically things that make me look 12.
haha. but i figured that im about that age where i can still pull it off, so i might as well while i can. i can already feel myself growing a little tired of it though and want something a little more mature. so id like to document this stage before i move on and sell all those clothes back to deelux in exchange for something else.

oh! i went to disneyland recently!
my dad said my shirt made me look like i worked there. haha. i got the bow tie from him.

ruffly socks and dressy shoes

so i know it's kinda funny but i actually got this striped shirt because i wanted to dress like the beach boys. but a girl version. haha. i guess some of my influence comes from music.

i turned it into a "summer tourist" look

another bow tie and crazy print shirt

socks again. and little school-girl blazer.

this is from valentine's day. my dad always gives me flowers. and i love this shirt. i have a thing about stripes. especially red & white. it has a nautical feel to it, and if you know me you know i LOVE anything nautical. also red, white, & blue. that can be very sailor-y or can also have a sort of 60s mod vibe.

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