Tuesday, January 26, 2010


I came across this french children's site/mag/blog. How cute are these?!
I want dolls like that!

Thursday, January 21, 2010

Feeling Felt

So I've been thinking about switching over to tumblr, but I don't know! I like having everything in one place and everything is already here.

I thought I'd update with a couple of things I made recently. I guess I'm kind of into felt right now. I this book for Christmas, that has a lot of fun projects:

I haven't made anything out of the book yet, but maybe it has something to do with my incorporating felt into these projects:

A birthday card for Mia, with a felt, stitched envelope

I've also had this project in my head for a while that I wanted to make. A girl with felt features, based off of this little character I drew yeeeeeeears ago. I just happened to scribble her in just the right way and I don't think I can ever really re-create her, but I feel like there's character to her, so I held on to it.

So this is a more grown-up version of her

Made of paper, felt, and ink. The swirly border around her is wire that I painted and sewed on to the paper (I couldn't really get it to stay any other way) and the flowers are cut out from lace. My favorite part is her cheeks, which is felt that I pulled apart, and made into thin little cotton-like balls.

I've had this frame for a while and I finally have something in it!

And since I just found these cute pictures, my Tubby:

Thursday, January 7, 2010


When Justine and I were little, we had really beautiful french furniture in our room and beds with these embroidered-like headboards. Only we would jump on them all the time and break them, so my mom later replaced them with Ikea furniture, which was really cool at the time.

I now really wish I had my old bed! It looked something like these:

Unfortunately, I still have my same Ikea furniture. The fun part now is, working with what I have to somehow transform my Ikea furniture into something a little prettier and I have lots of ideas.
Afterall, we can't all have a pad like Erin Fetherston's Paris apartment:


So my bed was starting to feel really out of place in my room and the grey metal bars made it look like a hospital bed.
So yesterday my friend, Josh, helped me paint it white!
It was actually a lot harder than I thought it would be and I still need to go over it with some kind of sealer or varnish, but I think it looks a lot better!



A little better yeah?

I keep trying to think of a way to add some kind of quilted headboard like this:

Maybe some giant quilted pillows to rest against the headboard and kind of create that illusion..or something.
Anyway, more projects coming soon!

Ps. We just got these giant bow headbands for the store that I kinda love!

Monday, January 4, 2010


Ok! So I have been working on some new stuff, I'll hopefully finish up and post on here. Also, I don't think I'm taking any winter classes, so I'll have some more free time!

I'm reaally into pink and white stripes right now. And pretty much anything vintage-y and really girly.
I loved this pink and white striped notepad I saw at Anthropologie. It also had an anchor on it! Not to mention, I'm really into nautical stuff! In fact, I should take a picture of what I'm wearing.

Anyway, Ryan got me the notepad for Christmas and I drew up a quick flyer using it:

Justine found this sweater at Goodwill and I got it for $3.00!! I love it. Wearing a red and white striped top underneath it to fit the theme.

Happy New Year!