Monday, January 4, 2010


Ok! So I have been working on some new stuff, I'll hopefully finish up and post on here. Also, I don't think I'm taking any winter classes, so I'll have some more free time!

I'm reaally into pink and white stripes right now. And pretty much anything vintage-y and really girly.
I loved this pink and white striped notepad I saw at Anthropologie. It also had an anchor on it! Not to mention, I'm really into nautical stuff! In fact, I should take a picture of what I'm wearing.

Anyway, Ryan got me the notepad for Christmas and I drew up a quick flyer using it:

Justine found this sweater at Goodwill and I got it for $3.00!! I love it. Wearing a red and white striped top underneath it to fit the theme.

Happy New Year!


bauregarde sauce said...

wow im hardly on blogger. i sorta miss reading post but i haven't missed much have i? young sailor :)

golden brown said...

no, not really! I haven't been on much either!