Tuesday, June 30, 2009

SF sorrow

i've been in san francisco and it's so nice here! i really love it and kind of want to move here. it doesn't help that all my good friends live here. i feel very inspired by all the beautiful architecture and now dream of a cute little apartment with a bay window.
i got a hold of my mom's old 35mm film camera and googled the basics.
i started taking pictures from our camping trip in big sur all the way up until yesterday-being very careful about each picture. i don't really know what i'm doing, but it's fun to try and i was really excited to see how the pictures would come out UNTIL...

the roll was done so i went to take it out today. it turns out that it was in there wrong the WHOLE time and not only did i expose and waste the entire roll, but i don't think it even took any of the photos i thought i was taking. it was seriously SO disappointing. i put a new roll in today, but i feel unmotivated now, and paranoid that the same thing will happen. ughh.
i feel like some of those photos would've turned out really cool.

anyway, we've done a TON of walking here; i'm soo tired. and a TON of shopping! i'm really excited about the things i got. i found this amazing coat for ONE DOLLAR! i thought it was $20, which i thought was way too much, but decided to get it anyway because it was so perfect. turns out it was a dollar. i got two pairs of vintage shoes, a denim vest, a grey cotton vest, a couple tops, and a cute betsey johnson nautical bracelet. oh! a this really cute vintage coat with a fur collar that adi found. i might be leaving out a few things, but we found some great deals this weekend. san francisco has the best shopping! i want to take some pictures of the new things i got.

i also have a couple altering projects to work on when i get home, so i'm excited about that. not so excited about the astronomy homework i have to catch up on.

i came across this girl's blog-i think she's a french model-and she's soo cute. after looking at her blog, i realized that i just saw her in a magazine recently-i think it was teen vogue maybe. anyway, she has great style and kind of reminds me of justine.

you can view her blog here:

Thursday, June 25, 2009

d.i.y.'s & fashion ups and downs

so i started my corsage yesterday, after buying some materials at michael's and joanne's.
first, i made this little scrunchie-like cuff out of fabric and elastic.

i knew i wanted to add some little bits of jewelry. my mom has this whole box full of old, broken jewelry!
i picked out some of the jewelry i wanted. i got the flowers at michael's--the kind that come with long stems (i cut them off). all the spring ones are on sale right now! i sewed on the flowers and hot-glued the jewelry.

tadaa! i wore it today. im thinking of making some more to sell at deelux. i have plenty of materials leftover. 

since i wanted to keep style-updates, i figured i would include justine, since she dresses so cute. she hates having her picture taken though (even though she looks good in anything!) and is probably going to be mad at me for posting these. haha.

another little d.i.y. project.
i saw leggings like this at american apparel and i loved them. they were waaay overpriced, so i bought some at forever 21 and just cut them.

(coat-h&m, everything else-deelux)
here is justine wearing my dress all cute with her boots.

here i am, wearing the same ruffly dress, holding sadie

for some reason, i didn't take pictures of my favorite outfits these past 2 weeks! most likely, i'll be wearing them again. i just have wayyy too many clothes right now; it's ridiculous. i sold a bunch of clothes at deelux today then spent all that money on clothes again! i got a cute vintage-looking cat stevens baseball shirt at deelux for $8, and some things from crossroads and buffalo exchange.

you know, it's pretty hard to keep up with fashion, if you ask me. it takes a lot of time and money to really keep up.  and because i have other things going on, sometimes it feels impossible! whenever something new comes out and i want it, it seems that i have to wait for forever 21 to copy it before i can get it myself and by then, it's dying. haha.
but all i can say is that i do my best and it's all about playing around and coming up with your own style. i also have to remind myself that i can't look great everyday! it just doesn't work like that (unless you can dedicate enough time/have a stylist or something). because i like to experiment with different things, sometimes i leave for work wearing something and by the time i get there, i decide i don't really like it and don't quite pull it off. it can be a hit or miss thing.
i'm learning that it's definitely important to have basic pieces with a nice color and shape that suit you. i tend to go for crazy prints and colors and sometimes it's better to mix these with those basic pieces. i'm also learning that it's important to be comfortable--and let me explain that: i actually wear a lot of clothes that aren't very comfortable; i hardly ever wear jeans/t-shirts/tennis shoes. i just love dressing up and sometimes part of that is giving up comfort, which i really don't mind because i find it so much fun. so i guess what i mean by my standards of comfortable, is how much you'll need to adjust something. the other day i wore this black shirt to school that kept riding up and i had to keep pulling it down. i also had on a strapless heart-shaped black undershirt underneath a white, shear button up with a bow that ties at the collar. this undershirt kept slowly creeping down and i had to pull it back up. so in this case, i don't think i really pulled the outfit off! it looked cute, but im sure it didn't look as cute being adjusted every 10 mins. haha.
so i say i'm "learning" these things but i often find myself in the same situations still. i can't seem to give up certain pieces if they're too cute. this is a constant battle for me, but it's something i'd like to work on.
im also still battling between dressing more sophisticated and dressing very froufy and young. i don't know if i will ever find a balance!

by the way, i think these shoes are adorable.
though plastic may get a little sweaty and gross it seems

(vivienne westwood for melissa shoes)

Saturday, June 20, 2009

my dad woke me up with morning from the coolest dream!

well first i'd like to say that i had a series of REALLY weird and not-so-nice dreams including getting sick on a carnival ride, finding a cave-like bathroom with puke and puking people everywhere, going to an awkward prom that turned into an underwater show in which i had to swim to the top of this huge pool, and probably some other weird things.

okay so the good part...
i was driving in the van with parents and the surroundings were kind of forest-y and sooo magical! suddenly, we drive by a HUGE flower. i yell "stop the car!" I jump out and i have a camera around my neck. suddenly there are more giant, fluffy, bloomy, colorful flowers and a perfect background of trees and a colorful sunset. im taking these amazing pictures of them and its soo beautiful. i duck under the giant flowers and find a whole little magical world. only it's as if im a child and i know this is a fantasy world and no one else will see it....because then (and this sounds sooo funny) these big round creatures form a circle around me and we start singing songs. i try to film them on my camera but only film their mouths singing and not their whole bodies, as not to offend them.
pretty weird. but the flowers part was soooo pretty.
i think it may have been inspired by this photo:

taken by alicia bock from her blog, http://bloom-grow-love.blogspot.com/

mmmm so pretty.
anyway i know i always abandon this blog for weeks at a time, but i do think about it.
i have been trying to track my style still, as it has been changing a lot.
i have a ton of little projects i want to sew and make. since i've been so inspired by flowers and this whole floral craze lately, i want to make a wearable corsage out of pretty fabric, fake flowers and maybe some ribbon/buttons/charms/whatever else. i think it would be a fun project.

we'll see when i can get around to it..
by the way in my prom dream--this just reminded me--i was alone without a date!
all the other girls had corsages and i didn't! maybe i subconsciously want to make up for my lack of a prom experience.

i have also really been inspired by japanese fashion lately. justine and a like to pick up this japanese magazine, cutie. they have the cutest and most creatively-put-together outfits. i love it! it's very inspiring.
i also love how fun their style is. lately, i've been trying to gear more towards more sophisticated-looking pieces, rather than things that make me looks 12. however, i can't help it! i just love bright, fun, colorful clothing and i think thats why i love this magazine so much!

by the way, i just found this amazing HUGE PINK POOFY skirt at deelux and it's so ridiculously cute. im in love with it. maybe ill post some pictures of it soon.

CUTiE Magazine is a Japanese fashion magazine marketed toward “independent girls”.
The style of CUTiE magazine can best be described as eclectic and very similar to the method in which FRUiTS is presented. There are very little text included with the images with the exception of the interviews or manga sections. Images are full page graphics with small captions and can include everything from decorated rooms, craft ideas, clothing, toys, comic art, and a wide array of other fashion and cultural trends from Japan. The magazine’s goal is to appeal to as many styles and tastes as possible integrating a wide array of imagery and features – and trying most of all not to focus intently on current trends.

(from ebook)

i just got a macbok, so i think i'll be posting more. i also got a printer with a scanner, so once i get that hooked up, i'd like to scan some of my favorites out of cutie.