Tuesday, September 29, 2009


so here are some shots from my first roll of film i developed!
i've been using my mom's old camera. the light meter is broken and i don't know much about adjusting the aperture and shutter speed yet, so some of them didn't really turn out.

i did actually learn a lot from this roll though, and marcio has been helping me out.

he took these first two photos in my room, which i really like:

i took these on sunday at my second-cousin's birthday party:

my cousins. i really wish this one would've turned out!

Sunday, September 27, 2009

i am a freak

i haven't been posting too much lately, but i've been taking some pictures, so once i get those developed hopefully i'll post some on here.

until then,
i will leave you with this nice little track i just now wrote for my cat, tubby.
feel free to download it and save it for when you need a laugh!

Tubbybeep by citybirdd

Thursday, September 17, 2009

currently wearing

i work at a clothing store where everything is cute and cheap, so naturally, i have waay to many clothes. i find that i can hardly get around to wearing all of them ( i really need to clean out my closet) so sometimes i feel i need to wear something.

i woke up this morning and thought, "i need to wear those socks." i found them in the sale bin at forever 21 a while ago for like $3.00 and really liked them. i just never knew what to wear them with because they're kinda crazy and a little much.
anyway, i figured it out..something simple that will let the socks do the talking.
i also got my hair cut recently!
trying to hold up tubby (click to enlarge)

i love this one because his little nubby legs are sticking straight out hahah <3

Tuesday, September 15, 2009


summer's coming to an end (thank god) and rompers seem to be dying out a bit.
i wanted to share with you my favorite terry cloth romper from dee-lux anyway.
it's perfect for a hot day, for getting out of the shower, or for just lounging around the house.
i'll at least be wearing this around the house way past summer..especially since it probably won't be cold for while.
um..i guess that's all

Monday, September 14, 2009

transformation ideas

layne, whose apartment was featured in my last post, turned me on to apartmenttherapy.com
i already have an idea i think i might like to try.

i have lots of ikea furniture that i'd like to spruce up a bit. i know what i want to do for my bookshelf, but as far as my dresser, i'm still trying to think of ideas.
i will definitely replace the handles with better ones.

last night i came up with the idea of taking apart an old clock or something and attaching numbers to the drawers. i still like that idea.

however, i just came across the idea of paint and decoupage.
check it out:

my dresser happens to be the same beachwood brown color and i think it would look perfect with a light cream color just on the faces of the drawers.

Sunday, September 13, 2009


i spent the weekend in fullerton, visiting samuel. it was nice to get away from riverside! i actually find a lot of inspiration in lots of different places. glad i documented with some photos.

sam's "brother" chairs. or sister chairs.

our new band:

sam's place:

pool time!


sam and his goblet

lately i've been finding a lot of inspiration in shadows..idk what it is..

by the way, my camera is water-proof!

later on we came across a party where we met a very nice couple, layne and josh, who recently moved into this lovely apartment. i could tell by their amazing decor and furniture (which they had done all in one month!) that they had great taste. ended up having a long and exciting conversation with layne about our shared obsession with creative design and reworking old objects.

love this lamp in the frame! such a cute idea.
i had seen this done somewhere with a real vase and flowers in a frame. i think it would be fun to try it with different objects.
i imagine that the little light alone, would look odd placed in the middle of a wide wall by itself. the frames make it work.

i loved this bookshelf! and how all the books were arranged as if they were made to fit in those exact nooks.

beautiful little wall collage. makes me want to work on mine!

layne said they had just put this up earlier; a cute, old coke bottle crate used as a spice rack!

another little kitchen crate

beautiful apartments across the way:

sam's roommates' new wall decor:

this morning sam and i got coffee and went to the csfu aboretum:

i thought this tree looked like a painting. even in person it looked like brushstrokes:

what a lovely weekend!
i'm so tired though; it feels good to be back home, in my room.