Tuesday, September 15, 2009


summer's coming to an end (thank god) and rompers seem to be dying out a bit.
i wanted to share with you my favorite terry cloth romper from dee-lux anyway.
it's perfect for a hot day, for getting out of the shower, or for just lounging around the house.
i'll at least be wearing this around the house way past summer..especially since it probably won't be cold for while.
um..i guess that's all


bauregarde sauce said...

oh those rompers. i started making this romper its Burgundy with brown patches as pockets. i was pondering the whole rompers over fall, to me it seems you could wear any romper as long as you match it with fall colors. the one your wearing would look great with brown or dark shoes and a navy jacket it dresses down the summer likeness of it.

scrap booking club sounds great by the way!

halighalighanie said...

so cute!!! ahh i was thinking how cute you looked at that show where you were wearing this (: