Sunday, September 27, 2009

i am a freak

i haven't been posting too much lately, but i've been taking some pictures, so once i get those developed hopefully i'll post some on here.

until then,
i will leave you with this nice little track i just now wrote for my cat, tubby.
feel free to download it and save it for when you need a laugh!

Tubbybeep by citybirdd


Ivan Aguirre said...

OMG!!! that song made me laugh so hard!!! The Tubby Song. Its So weird and Creepy IN a good way. It reminded me of clowns!

golden brown said...

i'm glad it's weird and creepy in a good way hahah
marcio said it reminded him of tubby being at sea on a ship.

adriana soliz said...

omg chels i want thissssssss! and the mushaboom song too! i love your creativeness cher!!