Monday, May 31, 2010

Happy Birthday Ronnie

Leftover fabric from a dress I hemmed+tissue paper+typewriter+ribbon

"happy birthday" is written in these rub-ons I've had for years, but never used them until now. They're pretty cool! They're like temporary tattoos for paper, as in you rub them on and peel them off. They looked really good on the tissue paper. It was my mom's idea to have us sign under the paper, which I also thought looked nice.

Ronnie!! Now 2 years old!

Sunday, May 16, 2010

Card Me

Thank god for cards! They're a great excuse to just make something, plus you get to give someone something handmade and special.

Here is the one I made Marcio for his birthday.
I used a page from my set of old encyclopedias and my grandpa's wooden stamps with acrylics.
Those encyclopedias have the BEST pictures and they're perfect for ideas when I need to whip up something quickly. Marcio and I were just talking about fencing the other day. I don't remember why...

Tied it up to hold the gift card inside

Here's the card Justine made for him. So cute! I love the thread.
Mother's Day card & envelope:
Made from recycled objects: brown paper bag, fabric & ribbon scraps, notebook paper, and the base of the card was saved from some sticker packaging.
I sewed "mom" into the ribbon, but I kind of think it looks like "nom." haha. One of these days I should learn how to embroider.
I love mixing thread, paper, and fabric. Love different textures.

This week's chapstick is the Orca Team chapstick! Orca Team is an awesome minimalist surf pop band from Portland. We played with them when they were touring through Riverside and they sold these at their merch table!! How awesome is that?! I'm not sure what kind of chapstick it really is, but I like it.
Listen to them:

Friday, May 14, 2010

Sunday, May 9, 2010

surfin' safari

Lately I've been into this jane from tarzan/safari/explorer look I guess you could call it. So yeah button-downs, pleated shorts/pants, boots, boating shoes...

plus I'm always into the whole sailor/nautical thing:

I'm officially getting a lookbook! I just need some better pictures now..

Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Awesome Wall

There's this really nice wall downtown that I've been eye-ing for a long time. It's gated off in this abandoned car repair place (I think that's what it was).

A couple weeks ago, I finally got the chance to do something with it! I made Marcio hop the fence with me and we did a little photoshoot.

I Love this wall!

Why can't people paint more buildings like this?
Part of the garage:

Marcio--what a dog. hahaha no, he's quite the opposite actually..

I know I skipped last week, but I've decided that I can only do these on the weeks where I actually post something! (Ps. lip balms/glosses are included, even though it's called "chapstick" of the week!)

This week is the Body Shop's nutmeg and vanilla lip balm.
I received this in a gift set for Christmas. I have to stash chapsticks around the house, so they're always available, and I made the mistake of putting this one in the bathroom for my "after-shower before bed lip stuff." I didn't like it at first because it was kind of sticky.

I gave it a second chance though and realized that it's very much a daytime kind of lip balm. Or a nice touch for something simple and natural-looking for going out at night. It isn't tinted, but has a tiny hint of glitterness, which makes your lips look nice and dewy. It also stays on for a good time without having to reapply, which I really like. I would like to try this in a different flavor sometime.

Thanks to Marcio for the photos!