Sunday, September 13, 2009


i spent the weekend in fullerton, visiting samuel. it was nice to get away from riverside! i actually find a lot of inspiration in lots of different places. glad i documented with some photos.

sam's "brother" chairs. or sister chairs.

our new band:

sam's place:

pool time!


sam and his goblet

lately i've been finding a lot of inspiration in shadows..idk what it is..

by the way, my camera is water-proof!

later on we came across a party where we met a very nice couple, layne and josh, who recently moved into this lovely apartment. i could tell by their amazing decor and furniture (which they had done all in one month!) that they had great taste. ended up having a long and exciting conversation with layne about our shared obsession with creative design and reworking old objects.

love this lamp in the frame! such a cute idea.
i had seen this done somewhere with a real vase and flowers in a frame. i think it would be fun to try it with different objects.
i imagine that the little light alone, would look odd placed in the middle of a wide wall by itself. the frames make it work.

i loved this bookshelf! and how all the books were arranged as if they were made to fit in those exact nooks.

beautiful little wall collage. makes me want to work on mine!

layne said they had just put this up earlier; a cute, old coke bottle crate used as a spice rack!

another little kitchen crate

beautiful apartments across the way:

sam's roommates' new wall decor:

this morning sam and i got coffee and went to the csfu aboretum:

i thought this tree looked like a painting. even in person it looked like brushstrokes:

what a lovely weekend!
i'm so tired though; it feels good to be back home, in my room.


Ivan Aguirre said...

Sounds like a fun weekend. Shadows are awesome!! you can really use them to your advantage as far as design goes and the mood and story you are trying to convey... anyways cool post I like your chucks too by the way.

tinacraft said...

Those garden pictures are awesome!