Wednesday, August 5, 2009

room update

ok so i've been slacking on updating, but here are some of the projects i've been working on in my room!

i covered these cardboard magazine holders from IKEA with some nice fabric using a glue gun. my mom's helping me make a seat cover for my office chair with matching fabric.

all furniture from IKEA. im saving the area above my desk for a collage of some framed pictures. still working on getting that in order.

i recently went to an estate sale and found these cute little old stuffed animals.
i think my friends find them kind of creepyy

these will all be part of the picture collage:

an actual collage within a frame. i found this cool frame with different layers of glass and no backing. the photos look nice in different layers.

i love this cute/creepy ballet photo i also found at that estate sale

the whole thing:
it's hard to see but there's a horse prize ribbon from 1964! i love it.
im thinking of taking out the valentine or changing it a bit. it's going to be hanging by some pretty solid looking pictures so i think it needs to be simplified a little.

my owl wall!
thanks to my dad for helping me figure out the arrangement of these; it has a nice flow.
thanks to my mom for finding most of the owl figures for me.
thanks to goodwill for having awesome pictures sometimes

and dream catcher.
the light fixture is from IKEA..of course. i added the feathers and got the actual dream catcher from the swapmeet.
i took some in the day time and at night because they kind of have a different feel. i think it looks prettier in person though.
in the daytime the fixture looks kind of spiky and ugly but the feathers add a soft touch and draw your eyes away from the spikyness.
notice how tubby is ALWAYS on my bed. haha. <3 


bauregarde sauce said...

you should try and paint your bed frame white, it would stand out more.
i use to have the same bed when i was smaller but painted it pink it looked really girly but better than reminding me of those old insane asylum beds :/

golden brown said...

i actually have really been wanting to paint my bed! that's a great idea. i'm also thinking of covering the head/footboards a bit with some fabric

kelley said...

i love the light fixture/mobile! i've been wanting to make one for a while...i think i'm going to buy a big wooden embroidery hoop and make some fabric flowers to hang from it.

halighalighanie said...

the shy little kitten! god, your bedddd! i'm sure tubby loves it (: