Monday, August 10, 2009

balloons & ribbon

these were taken the other day by my friend, marcio rivera.
i just have to say that i love balloons. they never get old.
whenever i'm wandering around with a friend i love to go to alan party supply and steal the slightly-deflated balloons that are always tied out in front. there's always a different color scheme and i really dig the one they had this time.

shirt is from h&m, AA skirt, suspenders either from deelux or rob's vintique (can't remember), shoes are from payless, and the socks are old ones i've had forever.

Also, here is something i recently made:

it was inspired by a type of ribbon "font" that my friend, lonny and i would use for flyers, etc.
lately i've been into really girly pink things for my room, so this seemed fitting.
i bent some wire into the words "love all you can" and simply glued the ribbon on there with a hot glue gun. it's about 7 ft. long.
i kind of wish that i'd used a thinner wire because it shows through quite a bit. it's also pretty visible, if not viewed from the right angle. nonetheless, i think it gets the idea across and looks pretty cute.

soon i will hang all my frames underneath it. i'm still trying to figure out which ones to use and how to arrange them. 

 lonny helped me hang it

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La Garçonne Noir said...

Ahhh, we really should have hung out before I left.
(I haven't left yet, but am now extremely busy with getting ready to leave. It's so hard!)

If you find yourself in France, you can always stay with me. And hopefully I see you around Riverside before I go. If I have any spare time I am definitely going to hit you up, and we can do blogger stuff.