Sunday, July 4, 2010

the fourth of july

This is my look for today.

Love this anchor bow made by M.A.L.A.

I went shopping yesterday at Crossroads, Swellegant, and Buffalo Exchange in Costa Mesa. I can't seem to buy anything plain..ever. Geez.

Also, I saw Dum Dum Girls & Crocodiles at Detroit Bar. Both kicked ass..pretty much.

Crocodiles had a badass girl drummer.

We ran into Dum Dum Girls at Coffee Bean before the show! Funny because I had our demo in my purse that I made specifically to give to them. Funny how things work sometimes.

I'm working on my blog layout...any suggestions?

Hope you eat lots of BBQ & watermelon today!

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bauregarde sauce said...

I had a cheese burger and coke in honor of my country :D