Monday, April 11, 2011


After my 21st birthday, I needed to throw together some little thank-you cards to send out.

One of my gifts came with really adorable polka-dot tissue paper, so that was my inspiration for these. I wanted to do a sort of pendant type-thing as well, so I used ribbon for that, and these little roses that I saved from a set of broken earrings at work.

With the little cards, I needed little envelopes, so I made them out of a cute hello kitty paper bag that I saved from a purchase at a toy store.

I used to always see this decorative tape and wonder what you're supposed to do with it. I recently came across this adorable Japanese scrapbooking/collage book and they had so many cute projects with it! (I wish I could share the title with you, but it's not in English!) Justine got me these for my birthday and I've been using them on everything! It was perfect for closing up the side of the envelopes in a cute, and easy way.

For my birthday I also received these cute little Japanese stickers, which I used to seal the envelopes with. I decided that I should always be stocked up on stickers this cute!


Anonymous said...

I've been a follower of your blog for some time now thanks to the the inspiration your creative energy brings me. I just wanted to tell you how wonderful I think it is that you make things with so much meanning behind them, your cards aren't just a trip to Michael's but made of things you save up from past experiences & I just really admire that. Just had to let you know(: Keep crafting!<3

Anonymous said...

got my card in the mail yesterday! so cute! we should get together and craft as you recommended :)