Wednesday, October 7, 2009

home from work, sick in bed

i stayed home sick today and it's pretty nice to be able to lay in bed with my laptop, so i thought i'd update.

i had been wanting a denim skirt, so when i found one at h&m that was made out of fake denim, i tried it on and it was too big. i was tempted to get it and sew it, but i figured that one would come in deelux. sure enough, the next day a real denim skirt came in!

i also got this vintage bathing suit at deelux and wore it this summer as a romper. since it's plaid i figured there had to be a way to wear it this fall...

i came across this lovely lady's outfit and was inspired. this is a great idea for transforming a romper into a warmer, autumn version...

these photos are both from the blog
which features street fashion in berlin

guys sure know how to dress out there.

(does anyone know how to make these pictures smaller so they fit??)

today i also discovered louis wain (5 August 1860 – July 4, 1939)...king of cats!
he is known for his cat art, which apparently became wilder as he was diagnosed with schizophrenia later in his life. i read a blog post, however, that talked about how he is too-often associated with schizophrenia, rather than the art and work he did for cats:

"Louis often gave lectures on the welfare of cats and encouraged people to take in stray cats, not just purebred cats. Louis Wain was elected as President and Chairman of the National Cat Club..."

she also talks about how his mother worked with eastern indian textiles, which was probably also a factor in his crazy patterns.

if you google his name, "louis wain schizophrenia" pops up! kinda sad!
but i really like his work.

i saw zombieland last night. it was soo good! i would definitely recommend.
i am also listening to tobacco, the solo project of one of the guys from black moth super rainbow, which i would also recommend.

i am really enjoying this lovely riverside weather and i hope it STAYS like this!


Ivan Aguirre said...

when you browse to upload your photo there is a little menu on the right that has the differnt sizes of how the photo is gonna be view, small, med. large...

Matt said...

I'll definitely be looking into this guy's work.