Saturday, October 31, 2009

wild thang

so i did just post these on facebook, but this was afterall, one huge craft project so i wanted to blog about it.
i knew i wanted to be a girl max since....maybe summer? i had it in my head and i wasn't sure exactly how i would pull it off, but i knew i would.
to me that's the best part about halloween! i love to come up with something kinda ambitious and then figure out how i'm going to pull it off. that's fun part. plus, you get to be creative, not spend a lot of money, and have a costume that no one else will.

justine crochets these little hats with ears, so i knew i could use that. i also knew that i had white tights and i bought the white fingerless gloves from h&m. so that was what i started with.

basically i went to joanne's like 2 days ago and found some pretty cheap, furry fabric. i also got a wooden stick, a styrofoam ball, and some gold spray paint because i knew i wanted a scepter. oh and a scrap of felt for the claws.

i made the skirt, which was easy. the top, i knew i wanted to be heart-shaped, so i just kind of played it by ear, cutting and adding darts. the fabric was actually really easy to work with! i didn't need to hem any of the edges or anything. my mom helped me put a zipper in the top.

made some feets. they're basically just little covers that slip-on over my shoes with elastic.

i ended up sewing bigger ears on the hood and added some wire whiskers.
when i went to make the tail i realized that max's tail is brown!! i really had to think it out and searched my house for something brown i could use. i also considered buying more fabric. then i realized that i had that copper spray paint, so i just painted it and it really worked out!
i also painted the scepter and added some little foil details. for my crown, i just wrapped some paper with foil and spray painted that too.
i just love kinda making everything up like that. it was a lot of work and many hours, but a lot of fun too.

so i wore it last night and got a couple comments about how i picked the most "indie" costume or that max was overrated or whatever. but i don't think so! sure there are a lot more max costumes than i thought there would be, but i decided to do my own version of it that was more "me." when i told people my idea months ago-about the dress and being a girl version-i got a lot of doubts and questioning whether people would be able to tell what i was without having the onesie.
i think it worked out pretty well and you can tell what it is.

i loved the book as a child and i really loved the movie. i figured it's all about imagination anyway, so i used mine to make this costume.

happy halloween!
let the wild rumpus start!

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