Sunday, March 7, 2010

Very Merry Unbirthday

Why does it seem like everyone's birthday is in March?! (Mine is too!)
I've been into the idea of alternatives crafts for birthday cards--like the ribbon birthday pendant I made for Hanie.

Marvin's birthday was last week, so I decided to make him some kind of card. I was looking at this small, cyclindrical container, when I got the idea for a birthday message in a bottle.

I got really excited and headed down to a local antique store to find an old glass bottle.
I also have to mention that I just saw Alice in Wonderland, and my results sort of resemble the little bottle she drinks from to shrink; maybe there is some connection there!

This is kind of funny, but I included some tweezers in a little handmade felt pouch. How else will he get the message out?

I used some old sheet music for the message

I also threw in a dried flower, a small key, and a small cross, to make it more treasure-like.

Happy Birthday Marvin!

Oh yeah, and suspenders:

Justine gave me this shirt and I love it! I has little cats and dogs on it and says "Friends." One of the cats totally looks like Tubby.

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Matt said...

these little gifts are really cool. you should start selling them on Etsy.