Monday, March 1, 2010

Happy Birthday Hanie!

Yesterday was Hanie's birthday, so I made her a little pendant. We sold these cupcakes mugs at Dee-lux, so I snatched one of the boxes for the cardboard cupcake picture. Also used: typewriter on tissue paper, tacky glue and mica flakes, pink fabric & felt, lots of ribbon, glue gun, and a safety pin.
I bought this bathing suit off of modcloth. I decided to get it last minute, since it was the only one left. I hope it fits me!

What else...
I'm super into the new Beach House album, Teen Dream. I find the songwriting really inspiring and it's even giving me a new appreciation for their previous album.
Plus, they have great style. Victoria Legrand always looks amazing

I downloaded this album, but I need to go buy it because it comes with a DVD with a video for each song! So sweet. Justine and I have talked about doing that.

I am in love with the song "Used to Be." Here is a nice acoustic version, PLUS a TLC cover! Enjoy:

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