Saturday, February 27, 2010

Oh you pretty thang

So I came across this twin bed at an antique store. It's SO perfect. I don't know if you understand how perfect it would be in my room.
I pretty much painted my cheap IKEA bed to imitate something like this, and this is the real thing. Plus, the flowers on the frame are pink, yellow, and blue--all colors that I am incorporating into my room.
However, the bed is on layaway. AHH! I decided I needed to go back with my camera and take some photos to remember it by.

Some other cool things from the antique store

I also came across these French girls that would be so perfect on my wall, when I hang my other girls. However it was a bit pricey and I'm not sure I even have room for it on my wall.

I'm usually really impulsive when it comes to buying things for my room, but I decided to try this new thing, where I just take a picture of it instead of buying it. Haha.

Sadie! Fur blowin' in the wind

Such a cutiepie
I actually took this one this morning! Opened the window after it was raining. Everything about this picture is so soft and comforting to me.

Freshly rained-on orange blossoms from my backyard

I wish I was sitting in the audience for this show:

Dion & the Belmonts.
I am so hooked on them right now!
You can download their album here:

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