Tuesday, February 16, 2010


Here are some 35mm photos I just got developed. I was kind of surprised at how good some of them turned out! I think I'm getting a little better at guessing the right aperture and shutter speed.

Thrift store day with Marcio. His new vintage Samsonite luggage:

I took Marcio up to North Hill, since he'd never been there. It's one of those special places where I have a ton of great memories. It was the perfect time of day.

I really like this one:


Marcio took this of me

Family party; My cousin, Lindsie, and baby Riley. I'm just happy these ones actually turned out!

My cousins, Kylie and Tyler:

These next 3 were from a disposable $.99 camera.
I had the camera in my purse and took a picture 2 consecutive days of driving to work. Driving has, unfortunately, become a constant part of my life, since I work in Costa Mesa.

Rainy day
This was from a scene we shot for our music video. I like how blurry it turned out; it's kind of dreamlike.

These are from a picnic I had with Ryan a while back

And my favorite one of them all:



SleepBoxSprings said...

Cool post. I like the 'dreamy' quality of the balloon pic too. Your expression on north hill is funny ;-)

golden brown said...

Thanks Stephen! I know I look super cheesy in that picture. Like staring off into the sunset..LIFE haha