Thursday, February 18, 2010

Excited for spring

I guess I've been more into this blog lately, and hopefully I'll be able to keep it up once school starts.
I decided I'm going to start sharing outfits again, as my style changes rapidly and working at Dee-lux allows me to have an almost perpetually revolving closet.
I'm really excited for spring and I guess a little inspired by the simple, neutral styles that are popular this season. I usually go for crazy colors and prints so I decided to tone it down a bit and experiment with some simpler, lighter pieces.

Everything I'm wearing is from Dee-lux. The shirt is Zara and was $10! AA racerback tank, globe necklace, cut off shorts.

This outfit reminded me of Laura Dern in Jurassic Park. I think her 90s style in this movie makes for some good inspiration for spring.

While looking up these pictures, I came across this blogger, who also agrees:
Really cute blog, by the way.

I recently found this super floral shoulder-padded blazer at Goodwill. I plan on adding some striped lining on the sleeve cuffs.
Today I did some merchandising at work, which means it was a really good, fun day. We have these old beat-up display cases that we usually just put stuff in. I have been wanting to do a little more than that and have been saving some things at home to use, so I finally brought them in and put a little more effort into the cases.

I know it doesn't look that amazing, but it's a whole lot better than it was before and actually looks a lot better in person too.
It's kind of hard to take all these little things and display them in an organized, cohesive way, but it's one of my favorite things to do!

(case 1)
Last night I whipped up these little fabric cupcakes to display some new necklaces, which are adorable, by the way.

Alice in Wonderland necklace to match the book

My mom's old jewelry box

Another old jewelry box to hold our new mini perfumes and hand cream by Love & Toast. They smell sooo good!
I would love to give these cases a new paint job, but I think we're getting new ones sometime this year.
Added some hanging feathers..

(case 2)
My mom's old sewing box:

Candyland! (case 3)
I'm going to Vegas with my cousins this weekend! I'm so excited! I don't know what to wear..

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Half Cheek Seated said...

I lovelove the Goodwill blazer. I'm going to have to go check out some stuff there this week. I'll post some pics too when I do. =)