Monday, February 15, 2010

Oh Boy

So right after I posted that last entry, I was going to mail Adi's valentine, when I decided I wanted to make one for Brad too (they live together). I wanted it to be a little more masculine so I rummaged around to see what I had. I used an old postcard, a shipping tag, a brown paper bag, a page from an old book (To Kill A Mockingbird), tracing paper, my typewriter, and tacky glue. I really liked how it turned out so I decided to make some more for some of my other guy friends. Sometimes I can't stop myself..

I used an old postcard of Italy I got at a flea market (in Italy) for Marcio's:

I made a sort of flap that ties the card closed

Here is another project I made the other night for Ryan. He had some pressed leaves he saved from Korea and I borrowed them so I could frame them for him.

I used some old graphing paper, some browning paper, black thread, brown string, and a page of Korea from an old encyclopedia.
There were actually some other kinds of leaves, and lots more little bits of paper, but it took an hour of trying to arrange it all to realize that I needed to just simplify it.

Gingko trees are his favorite, so I just went with that. I have these amazing set of rubber stamps that were my grandfather's. They looks really nice when painted with acrylics.

While I'm at it, I want to share some other Valentine goodness.
Justine made these little doughnuts!! Aren't they cute?!

Hanie made me this amazing Valentine! It's HUGE and wonderful! I love it.

My dad always gives Justine and I flowers on Valentine's Day. It's so sweet! If I don't have a man for the holiday, I always have my dad. Justine got me this cute little mirror with a kitty case.

My mom got me a really cute pajama romper:

I also received a sweet homemade valentine from Navil:

This Valentine's Day was honestly so enjoyable. It wasn't really about romance this year. It was more about appreciating all kinds of relationships- family and friends. I don't normally make so many Valentine's for people, but this year I really wanted to give something to my friends and I was really surprised and thankful to receive the same kind of love back. I feel loved and extremely grateful. <3


kelley said...

i honestly love everything about this post!

Ivan Aguirre said...

I agree with kelly! great little cards!! You have a great sense for packaging design!! Justine Donuts are Amazing!!! what a great idea. they look like Homer simpson donuts.


golden brown said...

Aw thanks guys! Ivan, one of the valentines are for you! I still need to give it to you

halighalighanie said...

your cards are absolutely wonderful! and they all suit everyone so well :)
navil's card to you is adorable!! haha mine's a kitty too, but it's sort of different and has a cupcake...eeep. i get really excited about new blog posts. hehe

Matt said...

Wow, those paper valentines look really cool.