Thursday, February 25, 2010

Reviving old things

A while ago, I salvaged this birth control compact, because I thought it was cute and had some potential. I wove some ribbon through the slots and started painting and gluing things on it.

I decided to make it into a little travel kit for bobby pins and jewelry, as I never seem to have a place to keep these things when I do travel. I added a mirror, a pink background, and some pockets.
I sewed two pockets and the bottom one has velcrow to hold in jewelry. The velcrow actually kind gets in the way of the bobby pins and the whole compact doesn't close perfectly, but this was a good sample one. Maybe I'll make another one next month.

I also wanted to share this idea for updating old shoes. I got these oxford heels 2 years ago (Payless I think) and they've lasted me so long. They're probably one of the most comfortable pairs of heels I have.
I decided to update them by replacing the laces with ribbon. I think it gives them a fresher look:
And since I forgot to post it before, here is our music video!

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Half Cheek Seated said...

I like the remastered BC compact. I have so many hidden amongst odds and ends in my many purses, they could use some recycling.