Friday, April 2, 2010


I had my 5-year-old-style birthday party last Sunday, so I thought I'd post a couple of my favorite photos taken my Marcio, Navil, + more with Marcio's camera.

Navil's widdow feet:

flowers, beer, and PB&J

Ok so Ivan actually painted a portrait of Tubby and I! I was really surprised.
It's so amazing, I almost cried! I will post the actual portrait on here soon!

Hanie made this amazing cat cake! Unfortunately, all that was left by this time was the eyes & mouth:

So we ordered some of our supplies for our Wild Fanimals craft booth for Coachella, and just got them in today. I have to say, there is something really, super exciting about opening a box and pulling out new craft supplies in huge amounts!!
Check out this huge tube of tacky glue! And this 12 pack of glue!! Annnnd a POUND of glitter!! ahh!
(also, my new favorite tiny glasses necklace from forever 21!)
I have a ton of project ideas, but not enough time to make them all right now!
So, more to come...
Also, Marcio and I had a little photoshoot recently, so I'll be posting those up soon!

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