Tuesday, June 15, 2010

love is an open soar

some more photos

trippy triple exposure

Here's some more summer music for you...

I recently discovered this compilation when my coworker, Mayra, brought it into work. It's a compilation of 60s & 70s love songs by DJ Nobody and it's fantastic! If you're into the Pretty Things' psychedlic stuff, Pink Floyd, Margo Guryan, or just cool 60s music, then you will love it. I found a link where you can download it, so I highly recommend that you do so! Click here and enter the password: mixtapebreaks.blogspot
It's broken down into 3 "movements" and the third is my favorite.

I'm definitely due for another chapstick of the week! This week is Paul Frank for Lip Smackers! I received these cuties as a gift from Hanie. One is carrot cake flavor (a little unusual) and the other is a yummy strawberry banana. My favorite part it the keychain that fits on top of the chapstick cap! It's the closest thing to those clip-on lipsmackers keychains that I can't seem to find anymore..


ifashionberry said...

Hi! I love your blog and hope you check out mine!
P.s- Make sure to follow! ;)

Anonymous said...

these are really nice photographs chelsea!

Matt said...

Nice photos, very nice look to 'em all. Also, that's a pretty sweet mix. If you like that one, look for this one called "Western Eyes and Serpent's Breath." It's mostly psychadelia, but still great nonetheless, also made by DJ Nobody.

bauregarde sauce said...

you made me miss home just now.

Ivan Aguirre said...

Love that pic of Justine and Marcio in the Kitchen. I like drinking Juice, making burritos talking to you guys In your kitchen.