Monday, June 28, 2010

new additions to the family

Ah! I have so much to update on here!
I thought I'd start with my favorite new thrift store/antique finds from this past month or so.
As you know, I love things.

I found a bike hook, to hang above my closet door. I'm thinking of painting it blue.

A ship! To sail across my globe, atop my desk. I want my desk area to look like a study, with lots of interesting things. If you go on the Indiana Jones ride and walk through the line, sometimes you pass by this little study full of old books and cool stuff. I love it!! One day I'll have a study/art room like that. (ps. that is Buddy Holly in the background..without his glasses)

A birdcage and a tiny wooden typewriter. Not sure what to do with the bird cage yet; and the typewriter is pointless, but adorable. (ps. kitty wine bottles in the background. "we are wine bottttless!")

This wooden "et cetera" cutout, that's now hanging on the inside of my bedroom door. I think it's really cool, but I'm not sure why...

I just got this globe lamp! It's a globe and a lamp! What more can I say..

I hung Ivan's portrait which sort of compliments the red bits in the chair. I'm thinking of hanging this bad kitty/puppy painting somewhere it my room. I found it in my parents' yard sale stuff.
Found this amazing typewriter for $10! It's amazing because it's old, but in mint condition. The ink ribbon is NOT dried out, which is rare for a thrift store typewriter (and I have inspected many of them). It's not electric and it comes with a light carrying case that snaps right on top of it. So it's perfect for quick typing, which is usually all I need anyway for cards n such. And it's baby blue! I'm in ruv.
My mom was getting rid of this vintage cake cover (what do you call those?), but I wanted to keep it, so I needed to find a purpose for it...
...thus, my new jewelry box! I used teacups and saucers to hold bracelets and earrings. (ps. yeah, that is me in the background)
It's a little cluttered, but it works. And it's fun.

The chapstick of the week is actually a lip butter from the Body Shop. It's honestly really strange! Kind of like putting thick lotion on your lips. Hmmm...I have to admit, being the chapstick freak I am, I kind of enjoy a good slather.

I almost forgot to introduce you to my new friend, Minnie! I found her at a thrift store for $11! I didn't know what a nice camera she was when I bought her, but now I know. I was sooo excited when I bought batteries and found that the light meter works! Now I know which shutter speed to use without having to guess.

I recently went to Mexico with my family and Marcio and took a TON of pictures, so those will be my next post! There's just so many of them, I'm not sure what to do. Anyone have any ideas of an efficient way to post them on here? Maybe some sort of slideshow or flikr or something?
Until then...


bauregarde sauce said...

my lord, I can see your house already!

Kelley said...

that bike hook is such a great find!