Monday, October 25, 2010

Flying & Postcards

We're working on a music video for 'Crying in My Sleep.'
If you've been following my blog for a while, you may remember listening to this song, right after I wrote it! It's so exciting to see how far its come along.

It inspired lots of ideas for the the video and now that the video is almost finished, it's thrilling to see what was once just ideas, in concrete. It took so much work and detail!
Because of the line "flying in my dreams" in the song, I knew we had to have wings somewhere in the video.

(Here's a behind the scenes photo taken by Joy Newell)

I really wanted them to look handmade, so I made them!

I used wire as a frame, a glue gun, and just started ripping and tearing old fabric to see where it would take me.
I added some feathers and glitter as well.
Some of this fabric was actually from the curtains that were hanging when we first moved into this house. When we took them down, I saved them to make something out of them. I never knew what to use them for, so they sat in my closet for years. I'm happy to give them a new life, even if it means shredding them to pieces.

This video gave me an opportunity (and reason) to make something that I normally wouldn't. And I really really enjoyed it! It reminded me that it's good to try something different now and then; try playing with something you've never worked with before.

I thought I'd share them with you guys because you won't really be able to get a close look at them in the video.

Now that we're done with them, I think I'm going to hang them from my ceiling.

So last night, I got the urge to just make something. It had been a while since I pulled out all my scraps and paper.

I was thinking of my friends and decided to make some postcards using pieces of cardboard, old encyclopedias, photos, cards, my typewriters, paint, and some varnish.

I also used a little thread on this one..

This is my favorite sort of project. Starting out with a blank piece, picking out images or colors, then just playing with them- ripping, arranging, adding, painting. The whole process just feels really organic and stimulating. You never know how it will turn out!

When applying varnish to this one (below), I didn't wait long enough for the paint to dry, so it smudged onto the photo. But I actually really like how it looks! The project takes shape as you go.

Here's the catch-
they're mini postcards!
I think I'm going to send them in envelopes anyway though, because they might be too small to send alone and I'm scared they'll fall apart.

Nonetheless, I wanted them to look like postcards anyway so I added these old stamps...

...which I took from this old paper I found found at a flea market in Italy.

They're really fun to make! It'd be a fun to project to sit and down and do with friends.
The whole idea came from missing my friends- Brad, Josh, and Hanie, who live in San Francisco and Idaho. I just wanted to send a little hello.
I have an extra though, so I'm trying to figure out where to send that one!

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I'm convinced you live the prettiest life out of everyone I know. I hope you're doing well!