Sunday, April 19, 2009

"all there is"

the site i used to upload my song, did end up working so here it is.

im almost too embarassed to post it because the more i hear it, the more i hate my voice. hah. but i will try to keep in mind, as i hope you will too, that this is a very rough recording, just to get the idea down-which i probably won't end up using for anything, but sometimes i just like to write these little songs. the guitar parts kind of have a 50's vibe, but a little more upbeat. you can also hear the crickets in my basement in the beginning haha.

i decided to try to add drums after i had recorded the guitar with no metronome or click track, so they're pretty much all over the place. it doesn't help that i CAN'T play drums.
ok well now that i've told you how bad it is, here it is!

by the way, we're playing on tues. night!

my friend, justin, made the flier from a print i made.
hope to see you there!


so right after i posted this entry, i look to my right and see one of my dad's records-peggy lee's "is that all there is?" haha! so weird!! i never even knew about this song or album so i looked it up.

i tried to post the mp3 of this song, but it didn't work.
if you want to hear it, here's the link:

definitely not the best peggy lee song, but interesting

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bauregarde sauce said...

id hate to think you hate your voice. its really nice dear.
i'd like to hear this dream song of yours. dreams are really just another world to me.