Wednesday, April 22, 2009


so i have a new song for you to hear.
hopefully it'll make up for the last one, because this one is better.
it's called "crying in my sleep."

this song is about dreams. i think it came out that way because it sounds a little dreamy and dreams have had quite an influence on me lately, not to mention navil just posted something about dreams.

dreams can have a huge effect on your mood and the way you feel when you wake up. a lot of people say that they don't remember their dreams, when in fact, most people just forget them. about a year ago or so i started getting into lucid dreams--dreams where you realize that you are dreaming and you can control them. i started reading this book with excersizes to help you to have lucid dreams. this included keeping a dream journal; when you write all your dreams down right when you wake up, you actually remember them really well. i never quite had one, and don't keep a dream journal anymore, but because of that, i still remember my dreams really well when i wake up. sometimes its a little freaky how well i remember them and all the details, even though dreams can often seem foggy. maybe tomorrow morning when you wake up, before you think about anything else, remember your dream...then you'll see that you may start to remember the rest of your dreams. i also like when im going about my day and i see something that strikes the memory of the dream i had the previous night, and suddenly remember it.

anyway, my friend, marvin, has recently gotten into lucid dreaming also. i let him borrow the book that arin let me borrow (sorry arin). and i think because i've been talking to him about it, i actually had 2 lucid dreams recently! in the first one, when i realized i was dreaming, i didn't realize how much control i had. i didn't think that all of my surroundings were all just in my head-i only knew that i could change little things around me (i was taking a shower in an outdoor courtyard and instead of running and hiding-i was naked-i made a priest that was walking by not see-i was invisible). in my second lucid dream, once i knew i was dream, i decided to fly off of a cliff. i was flying over this city and kept closing my eyes and reopening them to change the city below me into paris, into balloons and rollercoasters. the dream ended pretty quickly, but i'm very excited and hope that i have another one so i can really do some cool stuff.

okay so back to the song...crying in my sleep. sometimes i actually do cry in my sleep. if i have a really sad dreams, i wake up and im literally crying with tears all over my face and pillow. it's kind of weird. i like to imagine what i would look like from another person's perspective crying in my sleep. i think it would look kind of funny.
the song is about other ways dreams can make you feel and how sometimes i just toss and turn and have weird dreams that leave me feeling uncomfortable when i wake up. it's also about trying to reach peaceful sleep, or maybe to have the perfect lucid dream.

again, this is just another rough recording. listening to it on here, i've found that the volume is very low and i really can't get it very loud-not loud enough to hear any of the details. so sorry if it's really quiet!
double click "crying in my sleep"

here are the lyrics, if you can't understand them

crying in my sleep
bad dreams
leave me

wake up
for nothing

imagine a place where you
feel right at night

flying in my dreams
it seems
im free

wake up
for something

imagine a place where you
feel right at night

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Savi said...

This song was perfect for me to listen to at this time of night. It kind of has this wavy surreal lo-fi Blue Velvet feel. I wish you could give people demos of your music, because I realy like the stuff you've been coming out with the last few months. You've really matured, Chelsea.