Saturday, May 21, 2011

mother's day mexico

My family recently went to Ensenada, Mexico for my mom's birthday and mother's day (which was the very next day!).
My family shares a little trailer beach house there, and it's the perfect place to relax.
We all ended up bringing a bunch of craft supplies and made a whole bunch of stuff. It was SO nice.

I made my mom's card the night we got there. I seriously brought everything I could think of, though I forgot my typewriter! I did bring watercolors though, which came in handy for experimenting, and made this doily look nice in different shades of blue.

I got this crazy idea for her card since it was her birthday and mother's day. I wanted it to be reversible! So one side folds into a birthday card..

And the other side folds into a mother's day card! I used my handy decorative tape to piece together 4 thin cardboard pieces, so they could easily fold and flex.

(before I wrote inside of it)..

Here's the cute little card Justine made for my mom. I love the little felt flowers!

I brought this really adorable Japanese Home magazine with me and ended up cutting out images to make some nice stationery for a letter to Hanie.

We just kept making stuff! My mom & I made this mother's day card for my aunt's mother's day present.
My mom thought it would be fun to make bookmarks, so I set up a little workshop for us.

My mom made these:
I made these 2 as gifts:
And I made this one for myself (front & back):

My aunt and my mom crafting! I hardly ever have crafting buddies, so this was so fun & relaxing!
Meanwhile, Justine was making all kinds of cute stuff out of felt:

I also brought some pictures with me from the last time we went to Mexico. I bought this really beautiful album at a little shop and filled it up to leave at the beach house.

I kept it pretty simple..

Mexico was so lovely. There's nothing more relaxing to me than sitting near the ocean and making stuff! The bookmark workshop worked out so well, that I think I might have to do it again with friends!

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those book marks are too cute!