Sunday, May 29, 2011

oh, honey

I just found my dream blog,, which lead me to all of these lovelies!!

Mayla spring/summer 2011

Ulrika Sandstrom "West End Girls Collection":
My Loved One on Etsy:
John Smedley:

Thirteen Bees Vintage:

The Loved One lingerie shop:

I want all of these! 50s-inspired, cinched waists, full skirts, peter pan collars, ruffles, pastels, polka dots, nautical-inspired, high-waists, lace, masculine trousers, bow ties, and trench coats- forever.

(Btw, these last two photos sort of remind me of what I was going for while decorating my room- minus the bra on the wall)


tinacraft said...

i follow that girl in the last two pictures blog. shes so pretty.

golden brown said...

oh really? I love those photos!
what's her blog?